Meesters & Gezellen (Masters & Apprentices) is a project of the Tettix Foundation,  supported by the Nederlands KamerkoorCappella Amsterdam and Tenso.

Meesters & Gezellen has been initiated to bridge the gap between traditional vocal education and the practice of a professional chamber choir. In a short period, 24 young singers (apprentices) work with conductor Kaspars Putniņš, coach Geert Berghs, and  four experienced colleagues (masters) from the two professional chamber choirs in the Netherlands, on a challenging contemporary programme. The rehearsal period is followed by a short concert tour in the Netherlands.

Meesters & Gezellen has functioned as a pilot for Tenso Europe Chamber Choir; working on this succesful project for three consecutive years has given us valuable insights that will now be put to use in the formation of the European choir.

The pictures that you see on this site were taken during Meesters & Gezellen 2012.