Who are we?

Tenso Europe Chamber Choir (TECC) is a project founded by TENSO Network Europe and Latvijas Radio Koris. It aims to bring together young professional singers from all over Europe for a summer of coaching and performances, creating a link between young singers and professionalism, and providing them with a valuable experience of what it is like to be part of a professional vocal ensemble.

The choir consists of 24 singers who will be allowed to participate three years in a row. During the summer school, they receive intensive training, both individually and in groups.

The choir is conducted by Kaspars Putniņš, conductor of Latvijas Radio Koris and the Latvian Radio Chamber Singers. Tenso, the organization that includes the highest level professional chamber choirs in Europe, offers its network and experience for both the coaching and performing components of the project.

Who can apply?

Any singer in the 18-30 age range who is pursuing a professional singing career can apply, regardless of his or her formal music education level.

What do we offer?

The summer school offers coaching and rehearsals with selected coaches from Tenso network and a tour of performances along European festivals and venues. For those selected, we arrange travel and stay.


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