Julia Reckendrees

Julia Reckendrees began her musical education in her early childhood with lessons in piano, violin and singing. Before she began her studies at College of Music and Dance Cologne, she participated as a soloist in numerous Musicals, CD-recordings and concert tours.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Music in Education at the College of Music and Dance Cologne (HfMT Köln) and is expecting to receive her degree this summer. Afterwards, she wants to complete her profile with a master in singing with a focus on ensemble music.

In addition to her studies, Julia has not only participated in many choir and ensemble projects but has also been active as a soloist in many concerts. Some of her highlights are collaborations with the German Youth Chamber Choir (Conductor: Prof. Robert Göstl), Vocal Journey, Jazz-/Pop-Choir at the HfMT Köln (Conductors: Prof. Erik Sohn and Prof. Stephan Görg) and the Cologne Vocal Soloists – a professional 6 voice solo ensemble (www.koelner-vokalsolisten.de). Concert tours led her to Italy, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and India.

For Julia, singing in a choir and ensemble is a very special and sophisticated type of singing. As a musician and artist she is especially intrigued by the equality of the voices, the fine intonation and articulation, the cross-stylistic repertoire as well as the synchronicity.