Andrea Conangla

Andrea Conangla (Portugal, 1993) started her musical studies in 2005, playing the violin at the Professional Music School of Viana do Castelo, but also experimenting with trumpet and singing. In 2008, Andrea started her singing studies with the tenor José Lourenço, concluding in 2011 at this institution with a special note: best student of that academic year.

In 2012 she was accepted at the University of Aveiro and finished her Bachelor degree at Prins Claus Conservatorium, The Netherlands, under the Erasmus programme. Andrea Conangla had the opportunity to work with many professionals that contributed to her artistic and vocal growth such as Filipa Lã (PT), Dora Rodrigues (PT), Clair Vangelisti (USA), Susan Waters (UK), Norma Enns (DE), Amand Hekkers (NL), Paul Triepels (NL), Marion van den Akker (NL), Dmitry Bagatov (RU), Stephen Robertson (UK).
Andrea Conangla also holds a Master in Teaching of Music (University of Aveiro, Portugal) where, inspired by the works of Stanislavski and others, she developed a creative approach to the teaching of voice to actors through movement and improvisation.

In the years 2013-2015 Andrea was awarded prizes in three important music competitions held in Portugal: the Santa Cecília International Contest, in Oporto (1st Prize), the International Music Competition “Cidade do Fundão” (2nd and 3rd Prize) and International Music Competition “Cidade de Almada” (3rd Prize).
In 2014 she started on rewarding collaborations such as a duo with the pianist António Dias Sarmento focusing mainly on Lieder repertoire (concerts in Portugal), and the Portuguese premiere of Silk Road of Chinese composer Tan Dun with percussionist Luis Bittencourt (Aveiro, Portugal). In March of 2016 Andrea sang the Portuguese premiere of Frederick Delius’ Requiem with Filarmonia das Beiras (Coimbra, Portugal). She is currently based in Germany.

singer in Tenso Europe Chamber Choir 2016