Georgi Sztojanov

Georgi Sztojanov (Bulgaria/Hungary, 1985) is a composer, singer, improviser. He obtained two master diplomas in composition, first from the Liszt Academy, Budapest (2009) followed by the Royal Conservatory, Den Haag (2012), where he completed his bachelor classical singing with distinction for ‘multitalented artistry’ in 2016.

One of his specialties is modern music. He sung the premieres of many new compositions, including staged productions, such as the role of ‘As’ in ‘Who’s afraid of Orfeo?’ (Chiel Meijering), ‘Metaphrastes’ in ‘All rise’ (Jan-Peter de Graaff) and the ‘Tenor Cow’ in Koeien’ (Mischa Mengelberg/ Guus Jansen).

He sung tenor solo in Mozart: ‘Requiem’ and ‘D-major Mass’, Dvorak: ‘Svatebni Kosile’ and ‘D-major Mass’, Bach: ‘Magnificat’ and other early music productions.

He followed the masterclasses of Nadine Secunde, Marcel Reijans, Frans Fiselier and Katalin Schlutz.

Georgi is also an experienced choir singer (Dutch Radio Choir, Laurens Collegium, World Youth Choir, Tenso Europe Chamber Choir, Hungarian Radio Children’s Choir and many more).

His interest show a wide spectrum of styles and genres, not just as a soloist and ensemble singer, but also in his works as composer: from opera to oratorio, vocal to instrumental, songs, choir works, ensembles and solos, music theatre pieces, applied music for theatre and film.

His opera Sinking was premiered last year by the Dutch National Opera Academy.

In 2014, he won the Tenso Young Composer Award, which includes a commission for a new work to be performed by Tenso choirs in their regular concert season.

He is also a vocal and instrumental improviser (violin, keyboards, flute, percussion).

Georgi’s website :

singer in Tenso Europe Chamber Choir 2014 and in Tenso Europe Chamber Choir 2015