Alvaro Pinto Lyon

alvaro pinto lyon 2From a very early age, Alvaro Pinto Lyon (Chile/NL) played in bands, leading up to a study in classical guitar and oboe at the Conservatoire of Santiago de Chile. He soon became a member of Barocco Andino, an ensemble that toured the world performing baroque music on authentic South-American instruments. In 2001, he moved to the Netherlands where he studied classical guitar and music production at Codarts in Rotterdam.

Now also active as tenor, he sings and plays guitar, oboe, cuatro, quena, bass, zamponas and charango, in ensembles performing South-American folk (Quilapayun, Los Criollos), early baroque music (Barocco Andino and   Musica Temprana), Cuban son with Quinteto Caney, and Mexican Boleros with Trio Galantes. As solo tenor, he has performed Misa Criolla, Romancero Gitano, Navidad Nuestra and other exceptional South-American compositions with several choirs in the Netherlands. With the same ambition and curiosity, he now explores the world of choral repertoire.