Joost van der Linden

joost van der lindenJoost F. van der Linden (the Netherlands, 1978) attended the Cathedral Choir School (KKU) in Utrecht from his eleventh year. Since then, he has been singing in all kinds of ensembles. He was member of The Gents for ten years, conducted by Peter Dijkstra, and worked in professional ensembles such as the Dutch Bach Society, the Nederlands Kamerkoor and Cappella Amsterdam.

As a soloist he sang in several of Bach project. In 2016 he will make his debut as the evangelist in the Matthew Passion.

At this moment, Joost F. van der Linden studies with Geert Berghs, working on the Lied repertoire. Recently he has been working on interpretation with teachers as Nico van der Meel, Meindert Kraak and Maarten Koningsberger.