“Brightness. The Series” is a music theatre performance for mixed choir, soloists, electric guitar, and DJ. In four ‘episodes’, the story line plays with re-interpretation, repetition, recognition, action, suspense, tension and other characteristics of tv series. Emotions like boredom, love, jealousy, hatred, greed, guilt and joy are revealed through seemingly unconnected situations performed by recorded voices and electronically generated sound environment and reflected in live music and singing.

“The higher the grade of brightness, the more immediate are the senses,” – says composer Kristaps Pētersons.

Music by Max Reger, Richard Strauss, Richard Wagner and Kristaps Pētersons
Stage concept and direction by Zane Kreicberga
Set design and video by Dzintars Kruminš
Light design by Martinš Feldmanis
dj & electronics DJ Monsta
guitar Kaspars Zemītis, Kristaps Pētersons
Tenso Europe Chamber Choir, conductor Kaspars Putninš
premiere Rīga, 17 October 19h (in the framework of Tenso Days Rīga 2014), Palladium Koncertzāle