June 2014 : meet the singers !

We have selected 24 singers from 10 different European countries, with very different backgrounds: singers, of course, but also harpsichord players, saxophonists, conductors, and more… Meet them here

2014 concerts

Wed 23 July (afternoon) Sigulda (LV)
Thu 24 July 20:00 Rīga (LV)
Fri 22 Aug 20:15 Lochem (NL)
Sat 23 Aug 19:00 Helsinki (FI)
Sun 24 Aug 19:00 Tallinn (EE)
Fri 17 Oct 21:00 Rīga (LV) Tenso Days Brightness. The series
Sat 18 Oct 15:00 Rīga (LV) Tenso Days Brightness. The series



Tenso Europe Chamber Choir 2013 in Rīga

The choir before their first concert in Rīga, showing off their new t-shirts….

And then the choir sang!

After an intense week of rehearsing (which included acting, whistling, studying, breathing, laughing, bonding and of course lots of singing! see the short intro film on the news page), the choir took the road for their first concert tour ever. First Sigulda, where we have set our headquarters all these days,  then Riga and then Tallin have enjoyed the sound of 24 passionate young singers who have done their best to learn and grow together in this music journey.

Now that it’s over we can only keep enjoying all the good moments lived and start thinking about our next encounter. Stay tuned for more info and application opportunities!